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The map of Africa is in a constant state of change. The African Union’s Office of the Cartographer has undertaken responsibility over the Region’s mapping needs. 

Before October 2005, the region was mapped through the able assistance of volunteer states, which sometimes led to controversy and accusations of cartographic aggression, whereby one state was represented incorrectly to the benefit of another. 

Still, the work of these pioneering states are still recognized today and considered the most accurate representations of the Region between the years 2003-2005.

In the earliest  maps, small pockets of political entities represented by a number were collectively called “microstates.”  They represented independent political entities that took residence in the continent but did not interact much with the major actors as they struggled to consolidate their regimes and fend off opponents.





Maps of the North Sub-Region

Maps of the South, West, and East Sub-Regions

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Historical Maps

of the North Sub-

Region from

April 8, 2005

to the present, please click on the left link, produced by Polanskan (formerly Astorian) cartographers.







October 2006


October 2006

Full Maps of All Sub-Regions               (December 2006 to Present)