Office of the Cartographer, African Union

Bujumbura, Burundi

Nation States Africa

Above: The Office of the Cartographer General in Bujumbura, Burundi.

maps of Africaís four sub-regions

The Office of the Cartographer in the African Union is headed by the AU Secretary Generalís Appointee and is responsible for accurately representing the current state of the region through maps.


The primary function of the AU Cartographer is to update the sub-regional maps, tracking the rise and collapse of states in Africa along with disputed sovereignty issues, and conquest of territory by a state.†


A secondary function of the AU Cartographer is to geographically represent economic and social trends that affect states in the continent and produce maps at the request of the member states or in fulfillment of the mandates of the African Union.



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Policy on Inactive States

States that remain inactive for a period of two months are in danger of institutional collapse (e.g. revolution, government overthrow, catastrophic natural disasters).† Leaders are strongly encouraged to maintain an active role in the development of their countries. Remaining unproductive will inevitably cause your own people to turn against you.



Updated: January 7, 2009