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Welcome to Nation States Africa!  Please read the following factsheet which explains how the game is played and how our region functions.  The region was founded in January 2003 and enjoys the participation of many of its original players.  We hope that after exploring our site you will decide to apply for vacant land and fill out a questionnaire to begin your adventure of running a virtual online sovereign country.

Nation States Africa is designed to be an  user-friendly website where primary activity occurs in the Forum and participants are encouraged to initiate and reply to messages on topics of interest.  Posting on the Forum provides opportunities for creative writing, development of story lines and satirical interpretation of scenarios that are changing the world today. 

Your experience in Nation States Africa will be reflected on how much you put into the development of your nation and how much you participate.  It is up to every player to determine his or her nation’s objectives and carefully cultivate relationships with other states (players) to achieve them.  These objectives are usually complex and often based on the real-life interests of the states being roleplayed.  They may include acquiring a specific province through peaceful or bellicose means, preferential trading rights, the military annihilation of an opposing state’s government, or simply the popular election by other governments to the highest and most prestigious offices of the Nation States Africa world.

As in real life, no single event can spell absolute victory or defeat for a player, but as a national leader your priorities begin with the lives of your virtual citizens — unless you are a ruthless dictator.

Nation States Africa is open to all individuals regardless of political beliefs or the radical inclinations of any nation’s leader. However, the game is based on reality and does not allow for roleplaying outside of the realm of possibility. Fantastic futuristic weapons, cartoon characters, and extraterrestrial invaders have no place in this reality-based simulation. I apologize in advance if you were planning to make Homer Simpson the president of Dufflandia.  However, inside of these parameters, anything goes.  No concept is too far-fetched as long as it can be based in reality.

Players roleplay over a predefined territory represented in the continents of Africa; Europe; and Western, Central, and South Asia.  The map is divided politically into five sub-regions: 

North, encompassing all of Europe;

West, made up of all of West Africa;

South, from Congo/Tanzania to South Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean;

Central, including Africa east of Libya/Chad and north of Uganda/Kenya, and all of the Middle East to Iran; and

East, containing central Russia and the five Central Asian republics, and from east to west the states of Afghanistan to Bangladesh, as well as the Indian sub-continent. 

These sub-regions are further divided into provinces — the building blocks for countries in Nation States Africa.  All countries are made up of one or more provinces, and territorial disputes revolve around provinces, rather than arbitrary boundaries. The complete African Region is composed of 470 provinces:

215 in the North Sub-Region

53 in the West Sub-Region

53 in the South Sub-Region

89 in the Central Sub-Region

60 in the East Sub-Region

1. To create your state, register your state on the forum by clicking this link.  Your username should be your country’s name.

2. Next, visit the “Mapping Your State” topic (by clicking this link) and follow the instructions to obtain your nation’s territory.  The official world map is available here:

3. Once your land request has been approved, you should consider joining the African Union or any other sub-regional organization by clicking on those headings in the forum and posting a new topic requesting membership.

4. The final step is to fill out a New Nation Questionnaire and email it to  While detailed, the questionnaire is necessary in order to provide data for the country factbook.  You have ample discretion to shape the indicators of your state, although we ask that you maintain some semblance of reality. You may consult the CIA factbook or other encyclopedic sources for assistance.



  “Welcome home, Mr. President!”

~ your adoring people.



Procedure for Creating Your State