Author Topic: Official Warfare: Breaking Stuff Like a Warlordian  (Read 646 times)

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Official Warfare: Breaking Stuff Like a Warlordian
« on: June 07, 2016, 06:45:28 PM »
(Copied from Warlordia's original post)

OOC: Well, since I'm the current War Moderator for the game I might as well start a thread about it.

When I use this charming, Lime Green colour on the text I speak as War Mod.
In normal, black, I'm everyones favourite nation Warlordia.  :mrgreen:

Bascically, when your nations are at war, please let me know the military circumstances so that I can make a proper and informed call on who wins what battle and eventually the war.

This includes:
* Showing me where I can find the statistics and doctrines for your nation, if necessary.
* How are you keeping your forces supplied if operation outside your nation? Especially if you have to trace supply very, very far and overseas. Seen a bit too much of that over the years...
* How many troops are there?
* What is the relevant terrain in the area where the fight goes on? (Open plains are nice for tanks...and anti-tank aircraft for example).
* What preparations have been made for defence (and to counter potential defences that your enemy has if you're the attacker)?
* Contingencies in case of defeat?
* Anything else you deem relevant
* Anything I ask you to provide information about.

This being said, here are a few tips and hints:
If you and an another nation go to war, PLEASE talk it through first.

It's not a real war between you, the players.

Have a nice, civilized chat about what would be the most fun and dramatic for all involved, including other nations who get to watch.

For example: If you and your counterpart want to establish a long time grudge to play out as the game progresses, then  please tell your War Mod. You know:
"My nation intends to attack Somethingistan and if I win I'll keep the Yadda-Yadda province occupied as reparations and allegedly to protect the lical ethnic minority. If Somethingistan wins over Schlaraffenland he gets to do the same with the province of Claydonia".
Stuff like that.

Well, that will be all for this time and I'm sure I'll find something else to whine about later on as you all put me to the test. :D
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