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United Finjin States - Factbook
« on: June 02, 2011, 06:05:14 PM »
United Finjin States

I. Basic Information

1. Country Name and Three Letter Acronym: United Finjin States (UFS)

2. Capital: Damascus

3. Background: The United Finjin States gained its independence from Mulgaria in a peaceful agreement. The Finjn High Council meet with Mulgarian leaders in Augest of 2006 to discuss its path to independence. The UFS had been a colony of Mulgaria for a number of years. Finja leaders and their people wanted to be separated from Mulgaria. Two months later, the UFS held its first election and declared itself its own country. The constitution that they adopt was very similar to Mulgaria's and few changes were made.

In early 2008, Finjin President Patrick Whitworth was overthrown in a coup. On 7 June, while addressing the African Union General Assembly, the president was nearly killed by an assassin. Two day earlier the UFS, lead by the coup government, began an aggressive invasion of Nigeria. On 11 June, Aksum invaded Finjin controlled Oman. Warlordia and Glashima quickly joined Aksum, opening new fronts in Nigeria and the Sinai. The war ended on 28 June after the rebel leader, General Quick, was killed.

The war destabilized the Finjin economy and eventually lead to a total economic collapsed.

In early 2012 the United Finjin States returned as a nation in the Middle East, however it was not the same politically as its predecessor. The “new” UFS invaded the Kurdish areas to its north in an attempt to annex them. Unfortunately for the Finjins, the fighting ended in a ceasefire and the formation of the nation Kurdistan. The UFS also peacefully brought Iraq into the UFS as a semiautonomous state. Viewing the UFS as an expansionist, Israel (now known as the Confederation of Jerusalem) and the government of Jordan launched a massive surprise attack against the UFS. [Classified note: the mobilizations on the Finjin border were part of a plan to permanently garrison those units, not to invade Jordan]. The war, know as the Short War, barely lasted twenty-four hours. A crease fire was signed which gave Jordan, Cyprus, and Greece to the CoJ. In turn, the UFS was allowed to annex the Anatolia.

Since the Short War, the United Finjin States has focused on modernizing its military, economic expansion, and forming strong relationships with its neighbors. The United Finjin states is currently fighting a counter insurgency in southern Iraq with the help of Al-Hasa.

II. Vital Statistics


4. Sub-Region(s): Central

5. Name of Provinces: Lebanon, Adana, Antalya, Ankara, Sivas, Samsun, Trabzon, Gaziantep, Van, Siirt, Aleppo, Damascus, Karbala, Baghdad, Mosul

6. Population: 125,019,627

7. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $2.876 Trillion

III. Government

8. Country Name:

(a) Conventional Long Form: The United Finjin States

(b) Local Long Form, English: The Finjin States

9. Country’s Motto: Strength Through Unity

10. Government Type: Representative democracy

11. Formation Date: 26 April 2011 (Second Era)

12. Independence from: Mulgaria

13. National Holiday: National Day – 26 April 2011

14. Legal System: Combination of civil and religious law

15. Suffrage (age): 18

16. Suffrage (who may vote): Universal Suffrage

IV. Executive Branch

17. Leader of Government: President Muhammad Salam Khalili

18. Leader of Government’s Political Party: President Muhammad Salam Khalili

19. Head of State: N/A

20.  Leader of Government’s Cabinet:  President Muhammad Salam Khalili

V. Legislative Branch

21. Names of Major Political Parties: National Party, Republican People’s Party, Peace and Democracy Party, National Progressive Front, Muslim Brotherhood

22. Names of Political Pressure Groups: To numerous to list

23. Names of Chambers in Legislature: Senate, Council of Representatives
24. Seats in Each Chamber / Length of Term: Senate (66/6), Council of Representatives (138/2)

25. Last Election Date: Unknown

26. Last Election Results:  Unknown

27. Next Election Date: November 3, 2013

VI. Judicial Branch

28. Number of Supreme Court Justices: 8

29. Process through which Justices Come to Power: President appointed, approved by Congress

VII. Foreign Policy

30. International Organization Participation:
Union of Nations, Terran Space Alliance

31. Territorial Disputes: None

VIII. Economy

32. Economic Overview:
The major industries in the United Finjin States are arms manufacturing, energy exports, and technology. Over the past year the UFS has focused on increasing the domestic use of solar energy. This has allowed the UFS to increase its oil exports.

33.GDP Growth Rate (2012):  5.2 %

34. GDP Percentage by Sector:
Agriculture: 24 %
Industry/Technology: 27 %
Services:  40 %
Tourism: 9 %

35. Electricity Production by Source
Fossil Fuel: 13 %
Hydro/Tidal: 35 %
Solar: 45 %
Wind: 7 %
Total: 100 %

36. Nuclear Energy Capabilities: None

37. Currency Name: Fin (FIN)
          a) Exchange Rate: 1 Shekel = 2.76 USD

38. External Debt: None   

39. Creditor countries: None
40. Commodities Market: N/A


IX. Infrastructure

41. Ports and Harbors: Haydarpaşa, Ambarlı, Bandırma, Dikili, İzmir, Güllük, Antalya, Mersin, İskenderun, Erdemir, Bartın, Zonguldak, Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize, Hopa, Tripoli, Chekka, Batroun, Jbail, Jounie, Beirut, Sidon, Ez Zahrani, Tyre, Naqoura, Latakia, Jablah, Baniyas, Tartus

42. Number of airports with paved runways:

43. Name of Major International Airports:

X. Social Indicators

44. Life expectancy at Birth (in years):

Male: 71.1 years

Female: 75.3 years

45. Total Fertility Rate: 2.13 children born/ 2012 est.

46. Nationality:

Noun: Finjin
Adjective: Finjin

47. Ethnic Groups: Finjin - 44%, Turkish - 26%, Arab - 20%,  Other - 10%

48. Religious Composition: 97% Muslim

49. Languages: Arabic, English, Turkish, Kurdish

50. Literacy:

Total Population: 94.1 %   4.4

Male: 98.5 %
Female: 89.7 %
51. Major infectious diseases and degree of risk:

XI. Military

52. Military branches: Army, Navy and Air Force

53. Military service:

Is Military Service Compulsory: Yes

Minimum age for service: 18

54. Manpower available for military service:

55. Military expenditures per year – in US$ Dollars: $488.92 billion

56. Military expenditures as a percentage of GDP: 17 %

57. Weapons of mass destruction:

Nuclear Weapons: None

Chemical Weapons: None

Biological Weapons: None

XII. Transnational Disputes

58. Territorial disputes with other states: None

59.  Non-territorial disputes with other states: None
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Former Nations: United Finjin States, Flamingo Ninja, Kurdistan, Balkan Federation, Limburg, Adriatic Republic

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Re: United Finjin States - Factbook
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Updated. I included links to historical events in Finjin history for those who are interested.
Former Nations: United Finjin States, Flamingo Ninja, Kurdistan, Balkan Federation, Limburg, Adriatic Republic