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Helvetic Football Association
« on: June 24, 2010, 12:09:35 AM »
Welcome to the online home of the Helvetic Football Association.

The Association is a part public, part private non-for-profit enterprise dedicated to promoting Helvetica's favorite team sport.

As part of its mission, the Association is responsible for the Helvetic National football team, the Helvetica Super League and numerous amateur, youth and student leagues. We are also dedicated to forging innovative new partnerships to enhance the connection between football, education, health and wellbeing, and dozens of charitable and humanitarian ventures.

The symbol of the Helvetic Football Association

The Helvetic National Team

Coach: Rex Drexler

Starting Eleven:
Adolf Calais (F)
Maximilian Bougot (F)
Samuel Kirch (M)
Linus Altoch (M)
Calebrese Moritz (M)
Michel Bazos (M)
Carmine Falco (D)
Charmegne Dorn (D)
Gino Cocconni (D)
Thomas Popov (D)
Karl Keisel (G)

Wilhelm Teil (F)
Maurice Albeaux (F)
Charles Peugot (M)
Mark Yeller (M)
Wilhelm Hachs (M)
Giuseppe Cardoni (D)
Henri Dunant (D)
Max Freisch (G)

Home Stadium:
Stade de Geneve

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Re: Helvetic Football Association
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Iran would like to request a friendly match before the world cup, I am willing to roll