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Confederate Republics Government Directory
« on: April 08, 2010, 08:46:34 PM »
Arch Chancellor: Gregory Mitchell Lee (m)
Vice Arch Chancellor: Kwaku Boipelo Tau (m)
Sectary of State: Kojo Masozi Jelani (m)
Sectary of Defense: Colbert Klein (m)
Sectary of the Environment: Hadiyya Donald(f)
Sectary of the Budget: Singh Aravind(f)
Sectary of the Treasury: Chesed Livna Nahal (f)
Sectary of International Relations: Juno Nikus (f)
   Director of Russo-European Relations: Asim Nabil Ahmed (m)
   Director of Pan-Arab Relations: Fahim Firuz Abdul-Hamid (m)
   Director of West African Relations: Kibwe Jumaane Kwabena (m)
   Director of Sub-Saharan Relations: Taonga Kofi Chiumbo (m)
   Director of Central-East Asian Relations: Ankur Chanda Brahma (m)
Sectary of Energy: Raymundo Artur (m)
Sectary of Commerce and Employment: Gleb Anastas (m)
Sectary of Education: Nika Karina (f)
Sectary of the Home Front: Innokentiy Ikraam (m)
Sectary of Transportation: Valeriya Luba (f)
Supreme Commander of the Military: Simba Tasic (m)
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