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Operation Pyrrhos
« on: July 17, 2016, 07:34:10 AM »
Yesterday the regional Government of Western Macedonia announced its immediate secession from the Hellenic Republic as the State of Western Macedonia. Immediately following the secession the provisional Parliament of Western Macedonia voted overwhelmingly in favour of requesting political and military assistance from Epirus. Following an emergency meeting of Parliament, the Epirote Parliament and Government agreed to provide such assistance. As of now, Epirote forces under Task Force Macedonia has launched Operation Pyrrhos and crossed the border into Western Macedonia.

The Epirote forces are advancing from two directions; the 2nd Brigade has crossed the border near Kallithea and is advancing north towards Greneva on the A2 motorway. Once Greneva has been secured, the brigade will advance on Siatista.

The Evzones Brigade is advancing south from the border at Niki towards Ptolemaida, with the exception of the 4th Evzones Light Battalion, which is tasked with securing Florina. When both Ptolemaida and Florina are secured the brigade will advance to Kozani, the capital of W. Macedonia.

The two companies of the Special Operations Command is deployed as a rapid response unit and is tasked with aiding local Western Macedonian forces in the disarming of any local irregular troops still loyal to Athens.

The provisional Government of W. Macedonia has given all regular and irregular forces loyal to Athens 72 hours to disarm, disband or return to Greek territory. Should these forces fail to do so, they will be disarmed by local forces. Epirote forces have also been ordered to assist local forces loyal to the provisional Government in this task. If  Greek regular or irregular forces actively resist, the rules of engagement stipulate that Epirote forces may only use lethal force in self defense and only proportional to the threat against them. Furthermore Epirote forces are ordered to avoid civilian casualties and avoid destruction of both public and private property.

The 2nd and 3rd Fighter Squadron are on standby to provide air support should it be needed.

Task Force Macedonia Order of Battle:

Special Operations Command
- SOC HQ Company
- Sacred Band Company
- Companions Company
- SOC Logistic Support Company

2nd Brigade
- 2nd Brigade HQ Company
- 2nd Armoured Battalion
- 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion
- 3rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion
- 7th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
- 1st Evzones Light Battalion
- 2nd Artillery Battalion
- 2nd Air Defense Battalion
- 2nd Engineer Battalion
- 2nd Brigade Reconnaissance Company
- 2nd Signal Company
- 2nd Logistic Support Company

Evzones Brigade
- Evzones Brigade HQ Company
- 2nd Evzones Light Battalion
- 3rd Evzones Light Battalion
- 4th Evzones Light Battalion
- 1st Light Artillery Battalion
- 3rd Air Defense Battalion
- 4th Engineer Battalion
- 4th Brigade Reconnaissance Company
- 4th Signal Company
- 4th Logistic Support Company

2nd Figther Squadron
- 1st Fighter Flight
- 2nd Figther Flight

3rd Fighter Squadron
- 1st Fighter Flight
- 2nd Figther Flight
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Re: Operation Pyrrhos
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