Author Topic: Is There Anybody Out There...?  (Read 652 times)

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Is There Anybody Out There...?
« on: September 15, 2017, 06:13:01 PM »
Greetings old friends! I'm sure you guys are just flabbergasted to see me back...or not. Oh one's here. Well then, guess I'll just get right to the point then.

I joined this forum back in 2007, when I was a measly 13 years old. Like most 13 year old boys, I was rude, immature, and a wee bit too silly. Anyway, I want to say it was well within my first month of "riveting" role play that I was rude to a fellow member and was promptly temp-banned (and rightfully so!). I left for quite a while and returned a few months later ready to take the stage and realize my full potential as a fully competent and mature role player!... OK, not so much. Let's just say my RP was...less than competent. In a forum of mostly mature teenagers and adults, I kind of stood out like a sore thumb. My command of the English language was a bit less than adequate, and my role plays weren't very interesting. I did have a basic understanding of international politics and the different types of government at the time, but it was just that: basic. And let's face most people my age at the time, I was a little annoying. But through all of it, you guys put up with me and my shortcomings. My time on this forum was extremely enjoyable. Back when this place was a bustling hub of chitter-chatter, I would come home from school excited as hell to jump on my laptop and log into NSA. Every day I would look forward to coming here and forgetting the troubles of teenage life (as minor as they appear now). I spent years as an active member of this forum, and after a while, I became bored of it. My interest in international politics and government had faded, so I made my leave...several times. I came and went quite often. I'm not even sure how many times. But eventually I said my final goodbye and went on with my life.

So here I am at 23 years old sitting in my apartment, when suddenly a random thought crosses my mind: "What ever happened to NS Africa?" I think about it for a moment and realize I'm finally ready to get back into things. I'm an adult understanding of politics and government is much more than what it was in my teenage years. I'm finally ready to get back on the forum and be the mature, knowledgeable role player I know I can be! I enthusiastically race to my computer and type the line "nationstatesafrica" into my google browser. The link pops up, and with a sense of hopeful nostalgia I click it, eager to see what's been going on without me. What do I find? Let's just say it wasn't at all what I had hoped. The forum is...dead. The last post, submitted in January, is about the very same issue I'm posting about now. This once vibrant theater of politics, war, and trade has faded. It saddens me to see what became of this wonderful place. The talent here was astonishing. You guys were amazing! Your role plays kept me entertained for a long time, and I would have loved to see new stories from you guys. But maybe this isn't the end. Maybe things will turn around. I certainly hope so.

Hopefully at least one of you will see this. Maybe none of you will. But in the off chance that things do pick up again, I'd definitely love to take part in this forum again. I'll put my email address at the bottom of this post. Please contact me if this forum is revived! I'll be waiting.

Best regards,


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