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Kurdistan Factbook
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I. Basic Information

1. Country Name and Three Letter Acronym: Kurdistan (KRD)

2. Capital: Van

3. Background: Watch this space…

II. Vital Statistics

Kurdistan (Blue) Map:[insert map]

4. Sub-Region(s): Central

5. Name of Real World Provinces: Van, Hakkari, Sinak, Siirt, Bitlis, Mus, Agri, Igdir (all in Turkey)

6. Population: 2,748,793 (2010)

7. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 27,762,809,300 (USD)

III. Government

8. Country Name: Kurdistan

(a) Conventional Long Form: Kurdistan

(b) Local Long Form, English: Kurdistan

9. Country’s Motto: Land of the Kurds

10. Government Type: Representative democracy (Democratic socialism ideology)

11. Formation Date: 2012

12. Independence from: United Finjin States

13. National Holiday: Liberation Day

14. Legal System: Common law

15. Suffrage (age): 18

16. Suffrage (who may vote): Universal Suffrage

IV. Executive Branch

17. Leader of Government: President Masoud Kaytan

18. Leader of Government’s Political Party: President Masoud Kaytan (Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK))

19. Head of State: President Masoud  Kaytan

20.  Leader of Government’s Cabinet: Vice President Murat Karayılan

V. Legislative Branch

21. Names of Major Political Parties (Membership %): PKK (81), Nationalists Party (11), Liberty Party (5), Other (3)

PKK: advocates a democratic political system alongside a socialist economic system
Nationalists Party: similar ideals as PKK but has a slightly different economic agenda and wants to remove State Council from the legislative system. Most active at the Provincial government level.
Liberty Party: Libertarian political ideas

22. Names of Political Pressure Groups: Too numerous to list

23. Names of Chambers in Legislature: State Council, People’s Assembly,

Members of the State Council are elected by the popular vote in each of the eight provinces (candidates are preapproved by the President). These representatives vote on all legislation passed by the People’s Assembly and serve as advisors to the President.

Members of the People’s Assembly are elected by the popular vote in each of the 55 districts (level below province). All bills passed by the Assembly (>50% majority) must be approved by the State Council (>50% majority). The President may veto any bill.

24. Seats in Each Chamber / Length of Term: 8/6, 55/3

25. Last Election Date: April 26, 2012

26. Last Election Results:  Kurdistan Workers’ Party (60 seats), Nationalists Party (3 seats)

27. Next Election Date: April 26, 2015

VI. Judicial Branch

28. Number of Supreme Court Justices: 5

29. Process through which Justices Come to Power: President appointed, approved by State Council

VII. Foreign Policy

30. International Organization Participation: Union of Nations

31. Territorial Disputes: None

VIII. Economy

32. Economic Overview:
Kurdistan is a developing state whose major industries include textiles, agriculture, and contract manufacturing. The government is in the process of liberalizing its manufacturing laws and lower export taxes to make the state more attractive to foreign investment

33.GDP Growth Rate (2013):  2.8 %

34. GDP Percentage by Sector:

Agriculture: 26 %
Industry/Technology: 29 %
Services:  37 %
Tourism: 8 %

35. Electricity Production by Source Fossil Fuel: 48 %
Hydro/Tidal: 30 %
Solar: 10 %
Wind: 12 %

36. Nuclear Energy Capabilities: None

37. Currency Name: Iira (IRA)
          a) Exchange Rate: 1 Iira = 1 USD

38. External Debt: None

39. Creditor countries: None

40. Commodities Market: N/A

IX. Infrastructure

41. Ports and Harbors: None (landlocked)

42. Number of airports with paved runways:

43. Name of Major International Airports: Van Ferit Melen International Airport

X. Social Indicators

44. Life expectancy at Birth (in years):

Male: 73.1 years

Female: 78.5 years

45. Total Fertility Rate: 2.13 children born/ 2012 est.

46. Nationality:

Noun: Kurd

Adjective: Kurdish

47. Ethnic Groups: Kurd - 96%

48. Religious Composition: 97% Muslim

49. Languages: English, Turkish, Kurdish

50. Literacy:

Total Population: 93.1 %

51. Major infectious diseases and degree of risk:

XI. Military

52. Military branches: Army, Air Force, Peshmerga (militia)

53. Military service:

Is Military Service Compulsory: Yes (Peshmerga only)

Minimum age for service: 18

54. Military expenditures per year – in US$ Dollars: 1,110,512,372

55. Military expenditures as a percentage of GDP: 4

56. Weapons of mass destruction:

Nuclear Weapons: None

Chemical Weapons: None

Biological Weapons: None

XII. Transnational Disputes

57. Territorial disputes with other states: Some border areas with the United Finjin States

58.  Non-territorial disputes with other states: None