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Confederation of Jerusalem - Factbook
« on: September 14, 2012, 10:31:41 PM »
State of Israel
Yerushalaim (Hebrew)
Yərűšəlem (Arabic)
Hierousalēm (Greek)

I. Basic Information

1. Country Name and Three Letter Acronym: State of Israel (ISL)

2. Capital: Jerusalem

3. Background: The Confederation was formed in 2012, born of the collapse of the Holy Orthodox Empire and the fear of neighbouring expansionist states.

Early in 2012 the Israeli and Jordanian states fought a very brief but vicious war against the United Finjin States, forcing the expansionist Middle Eastern power to grant significant concessions to the victors, most notably an agreement to not attempt to annex Jordan or Cyprus, two of the Confederations founding members.

Led by Ariel Kalish of the Israeli National Party, the member states forged a document for lasting stability and friendship between nations. This includes military, economic and political unity.

II. Vital Statistics

State of Jerusalem (Blue) Map:

4. Sub-Region(s): North and Central

5. Name of Provinces:   Israel, Jordan, Cyprus

6. Population: 20,900,000

7. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $12.5 Trillion

III. Government

8. Country Name:

(a) Conventional Long Form: The State of Israel

(b) Local Long Form, English: Israel

9. Country’s Motto: United in Diversity

10. Government Type: Confederation

11. Formation Date: 14/09/2012

12. Independence from: Holy Orthodox Empire (Greece and Cyprus)

13. National Holiday: September 14 – Confederation Day

14. Legal System: English Common Law

15. Suffrage (age): 18

16. Suffrage (who may vote): Universal Suffrage

IV. Executive Branch

17. Leader of Government: Prime Minister Ariel Kalish

18. Leader of Government’s Political Party: Prime Minister Ariel Kalish

19. Head of State: N/A

20.  Leader of Government’s Cabinet:  Prime Minister: Ariel Kalish

V. Legislative Branch

21. Names of Major Political Parties: Conservative Party, Israeli National Party, Liberal Party, New Democratic Party, Social Democratic Party, Greek Secessionist Party, Peoples Popular Party, Communist Party, Marijuana Party, Greek National Party, National Party of Cyprus, Royalist Party, Jordanian Nationalist Front.

22. Names of Political Pressure Groups: To numerous to list

23. Names of Chambers in Legislature: House of Commons, Senate
24. Seats in Each Chamber / Length of Term: House of Commons (60/4), Senate (120/2)

25. Last Election Date: Unknown

26. Last Election Results:  Unknown

27. Next Election Date: October 1, 2012

VI. Judicial Branch

28. Number of Supreme Court Justices: 12

29. Process through which Justices Come to Power: Parliament

VII. Foreign Policy

30. International Organization Participation:
Union of Nations

Flag of the Confederation, adopted in September 2012

31. Territorial Disputes: None

VIII. Economy

32. Economic Overview:
The Confederation economic power is made up by all member states, most notably Israel and it's tremendous investments in alternate energy, military technology and foreign coporations. Elsewhere local economies are based on industry and tourism, with farming and mining taking secondary, yet equally important roles.

33.GDP Growth Rate (2012):  1.3 %

34. GDP Percentage by Sector:
Agriculture: 23 %
Industry/Technology: 50 %
Services: 15 %
Tourism: 12%

35. Electricity Production by Source
Fossil Fuel: 5%
Hydro/Tidal: 60 %
Solar: 35%
Other: None
Total: 100%

36. Nuclear Energy Capabilities: None

37. Currency Name: Shekel (SHL)
          a) Exchange Rate: 1 Shekel = 2.76 USD

38. External Debt: None   

39. Creditor countries: None
40. Commodities Market: N/A


IX. Infrastructure

41. Ports and Harbors: Larnaca, Limassol, Vasilikos, Famagusta, Kyrenia, Agioi Theodoroi, Aspropyrgos, Pachi, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Ashdod, Elat (Eilat), Hadera, Haifa, and Al 'Aqabah.

42. Number of airports with paved runways: 125

43. Name of Major International Airports: Alexandroupolis International Airport (AXD), Athens International Airport (ATH), Chania International Airport (CHQ), Corfu International Airport (CFU), Heraklion International Airport (HER), Kalamata International Airport (KLX), Kavala International Airport (KVA), Kefalonia Island International Airport (EFL), Kos Island International Airport (KGS), Lemnos International Airport (LXS), Mytilene International Airport (MJT), Rhodes International Airport (RHO), Samos International Airport (SMI), Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG), Zakynthos International Airport (ZTH), Larnaca International Airport (LCA), Ercan International Airport (ECN), Paphos International Airport (PFO), Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV), Ovda International Airport (VDA),    Jerusalem International Airport (JRS), Queen Alia International Airport (AMM), King Hussein International Airport (AQJ)

X. Social Indicators

44. Life expectancy at Birth (in years):

Male: 88.6 years

Female: 91 years

45. Total Fertility Rate: 5.6 children born/ 2012 est.

46. Nationality:

Noun: Israeli
Adjective: Israeli

47. Ethnic Groups:Israeli - 31%, Arab - 21%, Turkish - 3%, Other - 12%

48. Religious Composition: Unknown

49. Languages: English – official, Hebrew (Israel), Arabic (Jordan), Greek (Greece and Cyprus)

50. Literacy:

Total Population: 100 %

Male: 100 %
Female: 100 %
51. Major infectious diseases and degree of risk: Hepatitis A, very low risk

XI. Military

52. Military branches: Army, Navy and Air Force

53. Military service:

Is Military Service Compulsory: Yes

Minimum age for service: 18 (Israel), 18 (Cyprus), 19 (Jordan)

54. Manpower available for military service: 14,540,000

55. Military expenditures per year – in US$ Dollars: $1.2 Trillion

56. Military expenditures as a percentage of GDP: 10.4%

57. Weapons of mass destruction:

Nuclear Weapons: Yes

Chemical Weapons: None

Biological Weapons: None

XII. Transnational Disputes

58. Territorial disputes with other states: None

59.  Non-territorial disputes with other states: None
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Re: Confederation of Jerusalem - Factbook
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2012, 11:37:52 AM »
6. Population: 26,900,000

7. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $12.5 Trillion

OOC: $12.5 Trillion? That sounds a bit over the top! To compare, the US have a GDP of  $15.1 trillion with a population of 314 million. That means that the GDP per capita in CoJ is roughly $480.000! According to IMF, Qatar have the highest GDP per capita in the world with $102.000, and you are nearly FIVE times above that.