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End of an Era
« on: February 28, 2010, 02:41:57 PM »
During the past few days the nuclear arsenal of Glashima has vanished without a trace and the troops have disappeared. There are rumors that they went with their Warlordian friends whom they were working with in close contact. The leader Neil Willcott seemed to have simply left, one of the aides said that Neil was looking transparent, as if his time and job were done. He headed into a helicopter and said he'd only return if the world needed him but that he also understood that the world never really knows what they need. The helicopter left the presidential palace with unknown locational orders.

It can be assumed that Versalife, the company responsible for Glashima's biotech, advanced, and practical weaponry, disposed of all research documents and equipment and that no officials remain who could recreate such works of art without an extreme amount of time, money and technology.

It can also be assumed that the navy and airforce also, took up place in Warlordia as Henrik Corneilius was a good friend and frequenter of Neal's company, and knew that Neil's time was limited. It can also be assumed that the Suez is completely open to traffic as there are no more ships to blockade and no more troops to guard. The people of Glashima are well, but without government but the discipline taught to them by Neil's rule will keep them in order for a while, barring any outside influence.

The Glashiman people were, however, told that Neil had passed away, as they could not possibly understand that he was a ghost and that he was already dead. Neil harbored feelings of dread towards manslaughter, hence his steadfast support for peace. The public funeral was held and many citizens praised his achievements but none were really able to comment on the kind of person that Neil was as no citizen ever saw or met him beyond the television screen.  The only thing that will remain from Neil for eternity are the three words that the people used to describe him.
"Champion, Savior, Hero"
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