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New Resolution Guide
« on: June 07, 2016, 06:52:42 PM »
(Copied from The Commonwealth of Rhodesia's origional post)

I talked to Brian about this, and we've decided to standardize and simplify the way resolutions are written. You should now use the "Model UN," format of resolutions which consists of two parts.

The first section should be the Perambulatory Clause. This is the part of the resolution that outlines why action should be taken by the AU. In other words, it describes the status quo that the AU is seeking to fix. This is not where you describe where action should be taken. For example, part of the perambulatory clause might read:

DEEPLY DISTURBED about the lack of adequate medical care for typhoon victims in Burma,
OBSERVING that the military junta of Burma continues to refuse outside assistance in dealing with this disaster,

The second section is the Operative Clause. This is where you mandate the AU to take action. This action can be anything from recognizing your claim over a territory, making a statement, or authorizing military force.

For example, the operative clause from a resolution about aiding typhoon victims in Burma might read as follows:

1. Member states of the African Union are instructed to make available the necessary food and water required by victims of the typhoon;

2. The African Union shall form a special task force to aid in clean up;

3. It is the earnest hope of the African Union that the suffering of the people of Burma be alleviated as quickly as possible.

Remember, a resolution represents a formal decision or position of the entire AU, not just of your country.
Also, the different sections of the operative clause should be numbered so that they may be cited in future AU debate and resolutions.

So, let's look at a sample resolution:

Security Council Resolution 143: Recognition of Rhodesian Sovereignty over Mozambique
Date: 26 May 2008
Submitted By: The Commonwealth of Rhodesia

OBSERVING that for too long the state of Mozambique has existed without a government,

DEEPLY DISTURBED by the potential of Mozambique to become a terrorist safe haven,
COGNIZANT of the extreme danger that terrorism poses to all nations in Africa,:

1. The Commonwealth of Rhodesia shall hold exclusive and absolute soverignty over the territory of the late State of Mozambique;

2. The African Union shall send a monitoring force to said territory to ensure the fair and just treatment of its inhabitants;

3. Urges all AU members to support the Commonwealth of Rhodesia in this difficult endeavor.

Resources for resolution writing:

Sample resolution
Perambulatory Clauses
Perambulatory and Operative phrases

Note: These guides are for participants in Model UN and don't correspond exactly with the way things are done in NS Africa. For example, we do not require co-sponsors of our resolutions.

I hope this clears things up. If there are any questions please ask them.

Also, failure to obey the resolution format guidelines can be cause for a "point of order" objection and may cause the resolution to be void.
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