Brian Morales, founder of Nation States Africa, has been developing and participating in the international relations simulation since January 2003.  With particular interests in multilateral agreements and the African Union’s decision-making process, he has role-played the nations of United Faiths (Mali), Malawi, and Utopian Germany, among many others. 


Brian was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Miami, Florida.  He works as a Foreign Affairs Officer for the U.S. Department of State.  Brian received an M.A. in Latin American Affairs and a BSFS in International Politics from the School of Foreign Service, both from Georgetown University. 


A native Spanish speaker of Cuban and Spanish descent, he enjoys collecting books and playing the piano in his spare time.   He resides in Washington, DC with his wife and son.

Daniel Karlsson joined Nation States Africa in early 2003, role-playing the nations of Warlordia (Zambia and Angola), Afrikaaner Enclave (Swaziland), and Upper Volta (Burkina Faso).  His favorite aspects of the political simulation include the sneaky trading and dealings of states, political maneuvering of leaders, and experimenting with different ideologies while meddling in the shadows.  In developing his nations’ leaders, he is inspired by Niccolo Macchiaveli’s The Prince and Pink Floyd/Laibach’s “Dogs of War.”


Daniel was born in Motala, Sweden.  Having earned a degree in education, he works as a part-time high school teacher in history, social sciences and theology.  His job experiences are varied and include janitor, night clerk at a hotel, and handyman at a chicken farm.  He speaks Swedish, English, and German, as well as some French. 


Among his favorite hobbies are roleplaying games, such as Dungeons and Dragons which he has played since 1982; war games; computer games; reading; watching films; and sleeping!   Presently, Daniel lives in a two-room flat in Mjölby, Sweden.

Arranged in Order of Membership

Neal Johnathan Willcott has been a member of Nation States Africa since July 2003 concentrating his efforts in developing the state of Hey Dude ( Zimbabwe).  A strict internationalist, he enjoys offering his good offices as a peace broker through the African Union, stating "I enjoy being the person to make every conflict come to a reasonable end."


Neal was born in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada and is finishing high school.  With a full-paid rowing scholarship, he intends to study electrical engineering in college.  He is a fluent English and French speaker.  His hobbies include performing improv, acting, playing war games like HoI2, and spending time with his girlfriend.   He currently resides in St. John's, Newfoundland.

John Ryan Sacco's participation in the simulation began in July 2006 as the nation Seljuqia (Iran).   When asked what he enjoys about NSAfrica, he responded, "any and all [activities] that apply to my mood at that moment."  A native of Clarksdale, Mississippi, U.S. he is currently pursuing his undergraduate degrees in History and Social Science Education at Delta State University in Olive Branch, Mississippi.  


John speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, and is of Sicilian and Tico (Costa Rican) descent.

The anonymous role-player of Akhtendum joined NSAfrica in September 2003.  He is an enthusiastic storyteller, reflecting his professional life as a writer. He explains that his “love of the English language stems chiefly from an earlier love affair with History and Language, both of which I studied through college level.”


The player of Akhtendum speaks eight languages, including Esperanto, Afrikaans, Zulu, Japanese, German, French, Spanish and English, but is only fluent in one of them. He is Canadian, but  was born in England and lives in the United States.  He adds that he does not “speak American and ha[s] a deadly grudge against the pseudoword 'nite'.”

Rick Totten began role-playing on NSAfrica in December 2005 as the state of Great Mini Totts (Democratic Republic of Congo). Initially, Rick’s participation on the forum consisted of fighting numerous wars, mainly with the hugely stronger Anaweim.  This led to the assassination of his leader and capture of a second one  within a month’s time.  Since then, he has preferred developing GMT into a better-respected, yet still forthright and volatile, state.


Born in Manchester, England (and an avid United supporter), Rick is working on his private education (year 11) while participating in NSAfrica as one of the youngest participants.  He is currently learning French and Spanish and seeking to continue with these as well as a couple of sciences courses at the A Level.  His hobbies are focused on sports: football soccer (winger); rugby (flanker); cricket (batsman); golf (15 handicap); athletics (400 + 800m); tennis and squash, to name but a few.













































































































































































































g GMT into
a better-respected yet still forthright and volatile state.

Born in Manchester, England (and an avid United supporter) he is still in
private education (year 11) and is, by the sounds of it, one of the youngest
players on NS Africa. He is currently learning French and Spanish and
looking to continue with these as well as a couple of sciences at A Level.
Hobbies are basically focussed on sport: Football, soccer for all you
Americans, (winger); Rugby (flanker); Cricket (batsman); Golf (15 handicap);
Athletics (400 + 800m); Tennis and Squash to name but a few.

Jessica Schoovaerts joined NSAfrica, with the nation Novaya Rossiya (New Russia), in August 2006 after being told about it by a friend.  She is one of the few ladies (if not the only one) on this forum.  She mostly enjoys forming alliances and being the quiet observer. 

Jessie, as she is called by her friends, was born in Belgium, where she stills lives.  She is a Slavistics student, which means that she studies Russian and Polish plus history, literature, culture, etc of Eastern Europe, at the Catholic University of Leuven.  As a summer job she works in Geneva (Switzerland) as au pair for 2 children.  The main goal of this job is to maintain her French since it’s quite important in a country like Belgium.

She speaks Dutch, which is her mother tongue, English, French, Russian, Polish and German (in that order).  English and French are fluently spoken.  She can also read Latin and Ancient Greek as that is the education she had in secondary school (6 years of Latin, 5 of Ancient Greek). 

She enjoys going out with friends, chatting, shopping (how cliché! lol) and getting to know new people from all over the world.

Mitchell Kaczmarek began participating in NSAfrica in August 2007 as the state of  Garland (a central European nation centered in Slovakia), among others.   His modus operandi is carefully observing political forces transforming the game, and strategically forming alliances to advance his nations’ interests. 


Mitchell was born in Dearborn, Michigan and currently resides in Allen Park, where he attends high school.  His interests include running (cross country, track) as well as online games.  

John speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, and is of Sicilian and Tico (Costa Rican) descent.

Paul Joseph Compeaux has been a member of NSAfrica since July 24, 2007.  His nations include constitutional monarchies of Praugsia and North Pragusia.  Paul was born in Tibideaux, Louisiana, and at thirteen is in the eighth grade.  He speaks English and some French.  He currently lives in Galliano, Louisiana where he enjoys playing video games, watching television, running track, and playing football (Go Saints!!!).   His hobbies including collecting hats from different countries.  His goal in NSAfrica is to learn about other nations’ customs.


Sam Sixsmith (Bio forthcoming)