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Office of Political and Democratic Affairs

The African Union Director of Political Affairs is responsible for reporting to the region and organization on progress made by member states in living up to the principles of African Union Charter.† Values such as democracy and human rights are not practiced uniformly throughout the region.† The Director has a wide range of discretion in bringing attention to issues that could benefit the peoples of Africa.† In short, he or she serves as an ombudsman that answers more to the people than the governments that represent them.

The Director may issue reports or studies on a particular issue as he or she deems necessary, although these should not be of an economic or security nature.

Qualifications:† The AU Secretary General will appoint an individual from a state in the region, who is active, strategic in thinking, knowledgeable and committed to the AU Charter, and uncorrupted by the political forces of the region.†

Budget: The Office of Political Affairs will receive $40 million from the AU budget every 3 months. These funds are provided to the government of the historianís home state, but remain under his/her control.†

Current Director of Political and Democratic Affairs