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Office of Sports and Games

The African Union Coordinator of Sports and Games is responsible for organizing friendly competitive events in the region, and at times, setting the necessary parameters to ensure they are free from bias.†

The Coordinator will use his or her discretion in setting dates for regional events and choosing the types of competitions that would draw the greatest appeal from the most member states.

Activities for this Office will be coordinated on the Forum on Africaís Wide World of Sports.

Qualifications:† The AU Secretary General will appoint an individual from a state in the region, who is creative and has great organizational skills and will conduct regional sport and game competitions without bias for any state or sub-region.

Budget: The Office of the Historian will receive $30 million from the AU budget every 3 months. These funds are provided to the government of the historianís home state, but remain under his/her control.

Current Coordinator of Sports and Games


Past Sports and Games in Africa