African Union Headquarters                                 Bujumbura, Burundi

Nation States Africa

AUSC Resolutions: 31 to 38

SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION 31: Establishment of an Economic Embargo on Isla de Cuba for Illegal Expropriation of All International Firms


All AU members will stand together and enforce an economic embargo on Cuba where AU members will not sell to or buy anything from Cuba. This embargo will remain in effect until retribution is paid to all countries who had their companies stolen by Castro.

Roll Call Vote:


Secretary General Akhtendum: Abstain

West Councilor Phazania: Approve

West Councilor United Faiths: Approve

East Councilor South Nubia: Approve,

East Councilor Ouea: Approve

South Councilor Territory: Approve

South Councilor Green Free State: Approve

North Councilor Spherica: Abstain

North Councilor Republic of France: Abstain


Total Votes: 6-0

SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION 32: Solidification Of Secretary General Powers, In The Face Of International Belligerence (e.g. USSR), And In The Interests Of International Long Term Stability

Proposed by: Akhtendum, January 04, 2004


Following the recent avoidable conflicts, it has come to my attention that nation states are able to act like armed robbers. By the time the police arrive, weighed down by the bureaucracy of the AU, these plundering bandits have conquered and consolidated. Under this new act, the AU Secretary General (Or UN Delegate, should the two positions experience a future schism) would have the powers to submit an emergency vote of the Regional Councilors, over a period of not less than 24 and not more than 48 hours, for immediate action.


This action would entail mandatory trade exclusions of the nation found guilty by the vote, and a ban of military aid from any other nation*. Also, the guilty nation state shall then be subject to military actions by any of the councilors or other voting members, to the end of the reduction of their territory to 75% of its original size, of configuration dictated by the AUSG/Delegate.


*Nations offering military aid (defined as such by AUSG) will be subject to the same terms as the nation(s) determined guilty by the original vote.

Roll Call Vote:


Secretary General Akhtendum: Approve

West Councilor Bubonic Plague: Reject

West Councilor Defari: Approve

East Councilor Israel-Palestine: Reject

East Councilor Blue Nile: Approve

South Councilor Territory: Rejects

South Councilor Hey Dude: Rejects

North Councilor Union of Soviet SR:  Not eligible to vote

North Councilor Spherica: Approve


Total Votes: 4-4


Therefore, the vote is deadlocked and the resolution does NOT pass.

Security Council Resolution 33: Condemnation of Malawi and Reprisal for Violation of Vasis-Avende’s Sovereignty

Proposed: January 07, 2004


Recognizing the brutal aggression of Malawi on the peaceful island of Vasis-Avende, we commit to:


1. Declare Malawi in violation of the charter of the African Union and expel them from the organization until proper accountability has been made for their bellicose actions.

2. Pronounce a state of war between the African Union and its member countries and the Militocracy of Malawi.

3. Form a broad military coalition of member states of the African Union to depart immediately for Vasis-Avende, landing in the major cities and fighting outward into the jungles to repel the invaders.

4. Demand that all prisoners of war, including First Chancellor De Venlura, be returned alive and well to their homeland.

Roll Call Vote:

Secretary General Akhtendum: Approve

West Councilor Bubonic Plague: Approve

West Councilor Defari: Approve

East Councilor Israel-Palestine: Abstain

East Councilor Blue Nile: Approve

South Councilor Territory: Approve

South Councilor Hey Dude: Approve

North Councilor Union of Soviet SR:  Reject

North Councilor Spherica: Abstain

Total Votes: 6 in favor 1 against.

Measure passes

On February 14, 2005 the African Union officially fell into a deep financial crisis. As a result, the city of Bujumbura saw widespread looting and fires were set to public buildings. In the destabilization, the General Secretariat of the Organization was vandalized and many documents were burned. Some believe that these were done intentionally by agents of other states who sought to gain political advantage by erasing the institutional memory of resolutions issued against them.


United Faiths recovered the 33 aforementioned resolutions, produced by the African Union  since the founding of the organization in March 2003.


Sadly, most of the resolutions from 2004 have been lost. AU investigators continue to search for these missing documents.

Security Council Resolution 34: (A) Hein Violation of TreLankan Neutrality


The nation of Hein has without cause invaded the nation of TreLanka. This action was committed without cause. This action committed by Hein is enormously worse than the action committed by TreLanka's covert action in Mawli. in the course of this conflict not only was our land invaded but a peaceful delegation was interrupted by Heinious terrorists.



In response to Hein's actions I wish to propose the following.....


That Hein is refused any further land acquisitions....

That Hein is forced to withdraw from Slovakia...

That Hein pay the Outer TreLankan Republics for the millions in damage that they cost...


We cannot allow such warmongering to go unchecked. The Outer TreLankan Republics has long been a peaceful nation and has attempted to play the peacemaker in several conflicts. Will the AU serve its purpose and punish Hein for his actions.



AU Secretary General - City States of Israel-Palestine Oppose

North I - Sovetsky Soyuz  Approve

North II - Borisgrad Approve

South I - Kambali Abstain

South II - New South Africa Reject

West I - United Faiths Approve

West II - Phazania Abstain

East I - Akhtendum  Approve

East II - Djiboutian States Approve


With five (5) affirmative votes, this resolution passes.

Security Council Resolution 35: Legitimizing the Tchadean conflict in Nigeria
Submitted 30 April 2005, the Republic of Kambali (Mr. Malik Kitenge)

BEARING IN MIND the danger of uncontrolled military conflict and its dangers to humanity,

REMEMBERING the African Union's inaction in conflicts such as the Kenyan invasion and the possible effect on the standing of this organization,

CONSIDERING the African Union's purpose to take unified action to ensure peace and justice in Africa,

COGNIZANT of the unregulated Tchadean invasion of Nigeria, a lawless state,

ENSURING Tchadean sovereignty while using the African Union's framework to guarantee legitimacy,


1. The solemn guarantee of Mr. Samuel Poe that all Tchadean actions regarding Nigeria will be given full transparency in the eyes of the world through honest reporting and the allowence of African Union investigation in order to ensure legitimacy,

2. The election of a five-party African Union Commission for Nigeria (AUCN) from the General Assembly states in good standing for the purpose of overseeing and reporting to the AUSC: Tchadean action in Nigeria, the Nigerian faction's actions, and the actions of the AU including possible election legitimacy,

3. The formation of a multinational African Union Peacekeeping Mission in Nigeria (AUPMN) to protect civilian non-combatants such as NGO workers, refugees, and displaced peoples,

4. Decides to remain actively seized of this matter.

AU Secretary General - City States of Israel-Palestine FOR
North I - Sovetsky Soyuz 
North II - Borisgrad
South I - Kambali
South II - New South Africa 
West I - United Faiths
West II - Phazania
East I - Akhtendum 
East II - Djiboutian States 

With five (5) votes in favor, this resolution passes.

Security Council Resolution 36: Tchad-Benghazy Conflict


The Tchadian nation has went under the peacefull disguise of Helping the Tchadians, The Tchadian nation has broken a promise to the Emirate of Benghazy by not leaving the Soverign Borders of Benghazy when they were told to. The Soverign Nation of Benghazy needs our Help in order to pressure the Tchadian nation to leave, otherwise we will not only open up and sign the rule of Tchad over its peacefull neighbours.

in response to Tchads Blagarant Violation of International nations's Soveirgn Territory I propose the Following.

- That Tchad Must Leave or announce to leave Benghazy in the next 48 hours or face sanctions from every AU member.

- That Tchad Must be removed from the AU for actively trying to throw a peaceful off guard and by refusing to honr its wishes to leave.

- That Tchad be thrown out of all AU Sanctioned Committes and be suspended from the International Community Until they Leave Benghazy

AU Secretary General - City States of Israel-Palestine AGAINST
North I - Sovetsky Soyuz
North II - Borisgrad
South I - Kambali
South II - New South Africa
West I - United Faiths
West II - Phazania
East I - Akhtendum
East II - Djiboutian States

This resolution fails with a vote of 0-5

Security Council Resolution 37: Recognition of Conflict in Benghazy
Date: May 23rd, 2005
Proposed by: President Hayden Panettiere of the City States of Israel-Palestine

The Emirate of Benghazy has been in conflict with rebels since April 19th, 2005. The African Union has taken no steps in providing this small member state any aid whatsoever. Acknowledging that the African Union can no longer handle the conflict in the same manner as it could have April 19th, the African Union will take these two steps in effort to help stabilize Benghazy for the safety of her citizens and neighboring nations.

1.) The African Union will create a peacekeeping corps to help Benghazy in keeping the peace, rebuilding, and improving the infrastructure of their damaged nation.

2.) The immediate withdraw of all foreign troops not AU Sanctioned. To participate in Benghazy a nation must receive clearance from the Benghazian government to provide aid. These now considered peacekeepers will carry out the objectives of statement one (1) as marked AU Peacekeepers.

Security Council Resolution 38: Nuclear Proliferation Act
Date: May 25th, 2005
Proposed by: Godking Lady Ashtaroth, Supreme Deity of Akhtendum

The African Union has previously voted to definitively outlaw nuclear weapons, with severe penalties outlined for states breaching the laws. Since the catastrophic records-loss, this resolution has fallen by the wayside. Akhtendum seeks to resubmit the resolution, for a safe and stable Africa.

The African Union Security Council demands that:

1. All member states cease production and proliferation of fissile material whose primary or only use is that of warfare

This clause does NOT include vehicles or factories whose primary or other method of self propulsion, powering or production is nuclear, including nuclear submarines, nuclear power plants or structures with nuclear powered machinery. This clause DOES include weapons or weapon delivery systems designed to cause offense by irradiation or nuclear explosion. Contested interpretation will be set as precedent by standing AU Security Councils in a simple majority vote

2. All trade is prohibited between AU nations and nations that insist on defying this resolution, on pain of exclusion from the AU

3. Nations will not enter into alliances or agreements with nations insisting on defying this resolution, on pain of exclusion from the AU

4. Any nation excluded from the AU under this document will suffer the same exclusionary clauses (2, 3) as nations in violation of this resolution

5. The African Union Nuclear Inspectors (AUNI) Corp that was created under this resolution's predacessor will be reactivated, and empowered as follows;

a. AUNI personnel will be allowed unimpeded access to all nations, with the following exceptions:

b. Exceptions include and are limited to the private or personal dwellings of senior national leadership, locations of religious sanctity or military areas pleaded to be in a state of high secrecy or security at the time of the proposed inspection

c. Should access to a site be refused due to clause (b.), AUNI corps may challenge the decision. The standing AU Security Council may uphold or overrule the privacy in a simple majority vote

The AUNI corps were, under the initial anti-nuclear proliferation resolution to have unlimited powers of discovery in nations, but the exceptions to their powers were listed after debate suggested that undue harassment of national leaders, religious misunderstandings or espionage could lead to valid exception.

6. All nations currently possessing nuclear weaponry or other material prohibited by this resolution will have it decommissioned and surrendered to the African Union no later than 28 days after the passing of this resolution. Failure to do so will be treated as breach of this resolution.

Roll Call Vote:
AU Secretary General: City State of Israel Palestine:
Northern Councilor 1 Sovetsky Soyuz: Abstain
Northern Councilor 2 Borisgrad:
Western Councilor 1 United Faiths:
Western Councilor 2 Phazania: Abstain

Eastern Councilor 1 Akhtendum: Approved
Eastern Councilor 2 Djiboutian States:
Southern Councilor 1 Kambali: Abstain
Southern Councilor 2 New South Africa: Abstain

Votes of the AU Security Council:

AU Secretary General - (CSIP):--------------Approved
Northern Councilor 1 - (Sovetsky Soyuz):----Abstained
Northern Councilor 2 - (Borisgrad):---------Rejected
Western Councilor 1 -- (United Faiths):-----Approved
Western Councilor 2 -- (Phazania):----------Abstained
Eastern Councilor 1 -- (Akhtendum):---------Approved
Eastern Councilor 2 -- (Djiboutian States):-Approved
Southern Councilor 1 - (Kambali):-----------Approved
Southern Councilor 2 - (South Africa):------Approved

Current Total Votes: (6-1 In Favor)