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Excerpts from the African Union’s Charter on the Security Council


The Security Council

Article V – Title, Composition, Eligibility, Appointment, and Withdrawal

Section 1. – All Judicial Power herein conferred shall be vested in the Security Council.

Section 2. – The Member States of the Union shall be sub-divided by sub-region, and each sub-region shall elect two councilors in quarterly elections.

Section 3. – Following Approval of this Charter, and in each Region, the General Secretariat shall commence preparations for the election of a new Security Council to take office on November 1.

Section 4. – At the behest of one Member State and at any time, the General Assembly may review the actions of any Councilor in the exercise of her duties. If two-thirds of the voting delegates so choose, the Councilor shall be withdrawn. And if the Former Councilor be a First Councilor, the Second Councilor shall fill that seat and the Third Councilor shall fill the vacant Second Councilor seat.

Article VI – Duties

Section 1. – The Council shall work to ensure proper exercise of Union Directives, Resolutions, Agreements, and other actions.

Section 2. – Wherever conflicts arise, the Security Council shall pursue actions within the parameters of its Charter. If they should find available powers inadequate, they shall issue a report to the General Assembly requesting the actions they deem necessary.

Clause (A). Should the Member States of the African Union find the need to establish a security force, the Security Council or its designee shall direct its activities. If peace is breached in the Region, and the Security Council should see fit to resolve such circumstance by force, they shall issue a report to the General Assembly requesting war powers.

Clause (B). The Security Council may also legitimate the use of force against a state or transnational entity by approving a resolution to that effect, thereby consenting to a coalition of states outside of the AU’s security force to take necessary measures to resolve the conflict.

Section 3. – The African Union Security Council, while having responsibly used its nuclear deterrent capability, will disband its nuclear arsenal recognizing the principal that denuclearization of the continent is an ultimate goal the region strives to achieve.

Section 4. – The Security Council shall approve all motions to levy emergency dues or taxes proposed by the Secretary General, but not the dues related to the annual quotas which are approved by the General Assembly.

Section 5. – The Security Council shall administer unclaimed territories, and when new nations take up residence in the Region, the Security Council shall enter unto consideration their land requests promptly and in the interests of the Region.

Section 6. – And the Member States in which Security Councilors reside shall at all times retain their vote in the General Assembly, unless it should be rescinded by expulsion or other parliamentary sanctions.




African Union Security Council

The African Union Security Council was established in the original Charter of the African Union,  which entered into force on March 15, 2003.  The organization underwent a process of restructuring in October 2005, yielding a stronger African Union with more clearly delineated roles for the three principle bodies of the organization.


Below is the text from the AU Charter regarding the Security Council.