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AUSC Resolutions: 45 to 50

Security Council Resolution 45: Succession of Northern Councilor Seat

Date: 13 June 2005
Proposed by: Nairb Selarom, President, United Faiths

WHEREAS in the May 2005 elections for African Union Security Council in the North Sub-Region, Sovetsky Soyuz won the first seat with five votes, while Borisgrad and Trelanka tied with three votes apiece;

CONSIDERING that in the second round of elections to break a tie between Trelanka and Borisgrad, both nations were held in a deadlock until Trelanka graciously withdrew its campaign;

COGNIZANT that upon Sovetsky Soyuz's collapse, a new state of Yukodonia emerged and inherited successor state rights to Sovetsky Soyuz;

COGNIZANT ALSO that upon Yukodonia's collapse, the government under the leadership of King Novoseltsev transfered its political leadership to the territory on the Iberian Peninsula, naming the state Anea;

AFFIRMING that a successor state twice removed from the originally-elected AU Security Council Delegate leaves questionable legitimacy and puts the democratic nature of the Council in jeopardy;

AFFIRMING ALSO that a successor state, in the field of political science, consists of a new state which emreges within or surrounding another political entity with socio-cultural traits (e.g. Byzantine Empire was the successor state of the Roman Empire,
Turkey was the successor state of the Ottoman Empire,
Russia is the successor state of the Soviet Union, Serbia is the successor state of Yugoslavia)


1. To grant the vacant seat left by Sovetsky Soyuz to Borisgrad, the elected Second Councilor.

2. To grant the vacant seat henceforth left by Borisgrad, to Trelanka, which placed third in the May 2005 elections.

Security Council Resolution 46: AU Imposed Peace in Chad

Date: 21 June 2005
Proposed by: Akhtendum


In order to halt the war in Tchad, which is now being fought meaninglessly, with the Eastern Subregion suffering daily for it, the AU demands that the following seven terms suggested by Djiboutian States be met:


 1. Tchad will submit to AU law regarding Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons. Mulgaria will submit to the same


 2. Tchad will relinquish the territories west of the Niger River and west of Maduguri, Nigeria  (If we use this map the northeastern section of Nigeria would become a Tchadian state)


 3. Niger will be dually administered by the AU and Tchad. However, no Tchadian troops are allowed to occupy the lands north of Agadez. This land will be policed, militarily, by AU troops not hailing from DJS, Germany, Mulgaria, Al-Saharia, or Akhtendum  This allows Tchad to keep open land between themselves and nations friendly to their foes. It also allows Tchad to change its image in Africa as Niger is a very poor region, if they can bring some of the economic growth Tchad has seen recently, we would welcome this.


 4. Tchad will relinquish any weaponry capable of striking more than 50 miles outside of its border. In regards to Al-Saharian border with Niger, the 50 mile line will begin at Agadez  With so many nations hostile toward Tchad we cannot strip her of her entire military, however, we would like to see a reduction in her offensive capabilities.


 5. Inspectors will be allowed to check the compliance of both Tchad and Mulgaria in regards to weaponry


6. An immediate laying down of arms and agreeance of peace. Between all parties involved


 7. All diplomatic personnel and their entourages shall be released immediately from Tchad without obstruction or harrassment, and in a manner likely to ensure their security and wellbeing


Should either side refuse the terms, the AU will prohibit trade to any nation refusing the peace.


With regards to Mr Samuel Poe, the much-hunted former leader of Tchad, the current Tchad administration has no way to locate or aprehend him, and therefore to stipulate that they must do so in order for peace, he has been left as an issue separate to this resolution.



Security Council Resolution 47: Tchadian War of June Displaced Persons Act

Date: June 24th, 2005

Proposed by: President Hayden Panettiere of the City States of Israel-Palestine


Currently, while the various nations, African Union and non-African Union alike, have made a strong showing in the development of peace, and the closure of this conflict.  To the world's dismay peace still appears far away and the threat of a prolonged war and nuclear conflict threatens the people of Africa from all sub-regions.


Taking note of this conflict and the problems presented by it, the African Union takes this reactionary stance.


1.) The African Union will sponsor medical units from nations across the globe to take part in helping displaced, injured, or threatened citizens in any nation feeling the effects of the war mentioned above.  This would not relate to economic pains felt by the war, as this resolution is in attempts more so to help those in desperate need of shelter, food and water.


2.) In the event of a Nuclear Attack, the African Union will dispatch a new service that will be dedicated in the clean up and aid of the nation that has been hit by nuclear weapon or dirty bomb, regardless of the nation's stature in the African Union, member and non-member alike.  This new, African Nuclear Free Association (ANFA) run by the African Union will take it upon itself to help the people who are hurt by nuclear blast.  It African Union will help fund the rebuilding of the nation, and enforce strict punishment on the nation, (as well, member, non-member alike.) that has launched nuclear weaponry.  The board committed to deciding punishment on the ANFA are the "First Councilors" of each sub-region and AUSG.  Upon the decision of the "First Councilors" the second councilors may veto the punishment if too strict or not strict enough in which that is decided by Number Two councilor majority vote.  As which the "First Councilors" must begin deciding a redone punishment.


3.) Part Two of this resolution is to be a permanent part of the AU, while Part One is a reaction to the War in Tchad.

SC RESOLUTION 48: Lisboan Independence from Mulgaria

Date: 16 July 2005

Proposed by:  Lisboa Extremadura

RECOGNIZING that it is the right of all peoples to be represented by their governments;

RECOGNIZING that Portugal has a long history of being independent or consolidated ONLY as a part of Spain in a unified Iberian Peninsula;

RECOGNIZING the independent nature of the Portuguese with their proud tradition of independence not only in government but in culture, arts, and language;

RECOGNIZING that Mulgaria acquired Portugal through conquest, and this is not a fair way of acquiring land in Africa as stated many times by the founding fathers of this continent;

RECOGNIZING that Mulgaria has behaved as a rogue expansive state, even conquering northern Africa and Spain in Hitleresque fashion, with little regard for the people they conquered and with the complicity of all neighbouring states of the North subregion;

AWARE that Mulgarian French rule over Portuguese people is not only undesired by the Portuguese but despised;

RECOGNIZING that our Anean neighbours have welcomed our struggle with open arms, according to their statements on June 17, 2005, themselves having gained independence from Mulgarian oppression;

CERTAIN that 99.983% of Portuguese want independence from the Mulgarians which is why the Mulgarian governor of Portugal does not allow for a referendum to take place;

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the wise words of Akhtendum on June 23, 2005, that state that indigenous groups need to, "campaign through the proper channels" such as the African Union's Security Council.

The African Union's Security Council Resolves:

1. To grant independence to Portugal under the name of Lisboan Extremadura

2. To assess if Mulgaria is owed reparations by the Lisboans, which they would be obliged to pay.

3. Consider whether Lisboa Extremadura is owed reparations by the Mulgarians, which they would be obliged to pay.

Security Council Resolution 49:stop nuclear and uranium programs
Date:17 August 2005
Proposed by: Benghazy Defense minister Hasan Atatlai

The World has changed.It isn`t what it should be.
Everyone is creating nuclear bombs,uranium programs
Some for defense other for desire of ruling the world
Month ago we were witness of a great tragedy.
Chad was destroyed.
Nothing remained...Only death and death.
Millions suffer and they will continue.Nothing can be done for them NOW.
We can stop this thing happen again in another nation,where victims may be more.
We can do this if we stop creating nuclear bombs and any other weapons of mass destruction

I propose:
1.IMMEDIATELY stop any of uranium and nuclear programs

2.ALL mass destruction weapons to be destroyed

3.ALL nations who decline (1) and (2)
to be sanctioned as the money will go to victims of
nuclear bombs throughout the World.

"In peace sons bury their fathers,in war fathers bury their sons"---Will we allow this to happen in Africa?

Roll Call Vote Requested:

Secretary General: Djiboutian States : Abstain

Northern Councilor: Astorian Germany : Abstain

Northern Councilor Azaziel: Abstain

Western Councilor Serandum : Abstain

Western Councilor Benghazy : Abstain

Eastern Councilor Hiiran : Abstain

Eastern Councilor Zarathushtra: Abstain

Southern Councilor New Southern Africa: Abstain

Southern Councilor Kambali : Abstain

This resolution fails.

SC Resolution 50: Land Request -- United Faiths Requests Mauritania
Proposed by: United Faiths
1 September  2005

COGNIZANT of the African Union Security Council's historic and legitimate role in establishing ownership of unoccupied and ungoverned territories;

RECOGNIZING the state of lawlessness that exists in Mauritania;

REMEMBERING the historic role that United Faiths has played in Mauritania and its quest for democracy as well as the shared cultural and linguistic ties between the people of United Faiths and Mulgaria;

AWARE of the dire economic situation in United Faiths due to lack of coastal access needed for trade;

The Security Council of the African Union Declares:

1. That the ungoverned provinces of Nouakchott (26), Adrar (27), Fderik (34), and Nouadhibou (35) will allowed to integrate as sovereign territory of United Faiths.

2. The only means by which Mauritania would gain independence from United Faiths would be through the domestic remedies available in United Faith's legal system (e.g. national referendum).

Roll Call Vote Requested:

Secretary General: CSIP  ABSTAIN

Northern Councilor: Borisgrad  ABSTAIN

Northern Councilor: Trelanka APPROVE

Western Councilor: United Faiths ABSTAIN

Western Councilor: Phazania ABSTAIN

Eastern Councilor: Akhtendum APPROVE

Eastern Councilor: Djiboutian States APPROVE

Southern Councilor: Kambali ABSTAIN

Southern Councilor: South Africa ABSTAIN


(3-0) Not having obtained the majority five affirmative votes, this resolution fails.

Security Council Roll Call Votes

Secretary General: (CSIP): ABSTAIN
Northern Councilor (Mulgaria*): APPROVE
Northern Councilor (Azaziel*): APPROVE
Western Councilor (United Faiths): APPROVE
Western Councilor (Phazania):  ABSTAIN
Eastern Councilor (Akhtendum): APPROVE
Eastern Councilor (Djiboutian States): APPROVE
Southern Councilor (Kambali):  ABSTAIN
Southern Councilor (South Africa): ABSTAIN

Total Votes (5-0)

* Note: Mulgaria and Azaziel represent the North Sub-Region in this vote as they are the highest-voted states in the May 2005 election which are not mentioned by name in this resolution. (see below)

Sovetsky Soyuz 5
Borisgrad 3
Trelanka 3
Mulgaria 2
Azaziel 1

Roll Call Vote

AU Secretary General - (CSIP):Approved

Northern Councilor 1 - (TreLanka): Abstain

Northern Councilor 2 - (Borisgrad): Abstain

Western Councilor 1

(United Faiths) Abstain

Western Councilor 2 -(Phazania) Abstain
Eastern Councilor 1 -- (Akhtendum): Abstain

Eastern Councilor 2 -- (Djiboutian States):-Abstain

Southern Councilor 1 - (Kambali): Abstain

Southern Councilor 2 -

(South Africa): Abstain

Current Total Votes:

(1-0 In Favor)
This Resolution Fails

Roll Call Vote:

AU Secretary General - (Djiboutian States):  Abstain


Northern Councilor 1 - (Azaziel):  Abstain


Northern Councilor 2 - (Scherbatskaya): Abstain


Western Councilor 1 -- (United Faiths): Approve


Western Councilor 2 -- (Phazania): Approve


Eastern Councilor 1 -- (Akhtendum):  Abstain


Eastern Councilor 2 -- (TChad):- Abstain


Southern Councilor 1 - (Kambali): Abstain


Southern Councilor 2 - (South Africa): Abstain




Resolution Fails

Roll call vote



AUSG Djiboutian States


North Councilor I:

Astorian Germany   Abstain

North Councilor II: Azaziel      Approve

South Councilor I:

South Africa      Approve

South Councilor II: Kambali      Abstain

East Councilor I: Hiiraan      Approve

East Councilor II: Zarathushtra     Abstain

West Councilor I: Serandum      Abstain

West Councilor II: Benghazy      Abstain

2-0 This resolution fails.