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GA Resolution 039 (A): Revised 2006-2007 Budget of the African Union

Proposed by: United Faiths

Date: April 14, 2006

Voting expires: April 28, 2006

Required to pass: Simple majority of voting states


NOTING Part I. Article II. Section 5. of the OAS Charter stating that "Member States will contribute annual dues to the Organization based on a quota system proportional to GDP,"


COGNIZANT of the growing demands of the organization, particularly in areas of peacekeeping,


RECOGNIZING that the mandates of the African Union in Africa exceed those of the United Nations in global affairs,


CONSIDERING, HOWEVER, that the organization is mandated to give preference to priorities defined by its members, within the limits of its available resources;


ESTIMATING the costs of the organization for the coming year to be the following:


[code]2006 Total (US$1,000,000)


a.              Peacekeeping Fund               76,275.5

b.              Regular Fund (administration and support) 7,866.0


                 84,141.5 Total[/code]


The General Assembly Resolves,


1. To approve the 2006 program-budget of the organization and establishes the bases for fixing the quota that each government is to contribute to the maintenance of the organization, taking into account the ability to pay of the respective countries and their determination to contribute in an equitable manner at[b] 1% of each state's annual Gross Domestic Product[/b];


2. The member states of the General Assembly may request supplemental funding should a budget crisis emerge before December 31, 2006.


In favor: United Faiths, Akhtendum, African States, Cramzpatio, Hey Dude, Djiboutian States, Rossheim, Azaziel, Narsus, New Kharak, Utopia, Malawi, Afrikaaner Enclave, Upper Volta  (14)


Against: Taureolt, Anaweim (2)


Voting expires: April 28, 2006

GA Resolution 040 (F): African Union Human Rights Commission

Proposed by: The Anaweim

Date: Monday, June 05

Voting Expires: July 19, 2006

Required to pass: Simple Majority



Recognizing that basic human rights are continously being violated everday across Africa, with governments and state-sponsored organisations actively participating in the suppression and violation of basic human rights


Recognizing that there exists no independent organization that investigates allegations of human rights abuse


Estimating that over 100 million people are victims of human rights abuses across Africa as a result of war, conflict, internal displacement, migration, inequality between men and women, cultural and ethnic differences and discrimination


Ensuring that Africa reduces the number of human rights violations to provide for a better society and encourage the rule of law, due process, equality and welfare rights and rights to freedom;


The General Assembly of the African Union Resolves to:

1. Create an African Union Commission that will investigate abuses of human rights by governments, organizations or individuals.

(i)The Structure of The Commission will consist of Commissioners equal to the number of states that are signatories to this Resolution with one member from Each State.

(ii) Commissioners shall elect a President and a High Commissioner.

(iii) All 6 Panel Members shall be members of the Security Council


2. Render all assistance it can to the prosecution and filing of abuses and violations of Human Rights

3. The Commission will act independently and without the influence of the politics of member states.

(i)The President and High Commissioner of the Commission along with the 6 Panel Members shall meet regularly to compile a list of nations with poor human rights records.

(II) the Commission shall present its report to the African Union General Assembly prior to the elections of the 6 Panel Members of the Commission which also includes the President and High Commissioner.

4. Impose Sanctions on States that are accused of violating human rights

(i) execution of said sanctions to be carried out by the Security Council.


Approve: Anaweim, Upper Volta (2)


Reject: Afrikaaner Enclave, Cramzpatio, Djiboutian States, Great Mini Totts, Byzantium, Azaziel (6)


Abstain: Bjarnesfjorden (1)

General Assembly Resolution 041 (A): Africa Ceases Participation in the United Nations

Presented by: United Faiths

July 14, 2006


COGNIZANT of the diminishing importance of the United Nations in the affairs of Africa;


RECOGNIZING the importance and predominance of the African Union in serving as the preeminent platform and framework for multilateral negotiations;


TAKING INTO ACCOUNT African Union Security Council Resolution 27 of October 17, 2003 which eliminates all foreign embassies outside of the Africa region and ceases diplomatic relations with other regions.




1. Officially ends participation in the affairs of the United Nations.


2. Will move the United Nations Forum so that it becomes a subset of the General Assembly Forum, taking it out of the spotlight of the main communication regional Forum.


3.  The present UN Delegate, United Faiths, Will officially resign from the United Nations and present the region's diplomatic notice departing from the African Union.


4. States that wish to remain members to the United Nations may do so, but will no longer be represented by a UN Delegate for the Africa Region.


Approve (12): United Faiths - UN Delegate, Malawi, Afrikaaner Enclave, Ossmann, Taureolt, Azaziel, Akhtendum, Serandum, Utopia, Bjarnesfjorden, African States, Rossheim


Reject (4): Upper Volta, Hey Dude, Djiboutian States, ZuluNation


Abstain (0):

Voting Ends: July 28, 2006


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General Assembly Resolution 42: (A) Creating Southern Sub-Region Province 54 (Ascension, St. Helena, Tristan De Cuhna)

Dated August 13, 2006

Voting Period: Present date - August 27, 2006


This resolution calls for the recognition of the Atlantic Islands Ascension, St. Helena, and Tristan De Cuhna as province number 54 of the Southern Sub-Region. These Islands are within the latitude and longitude of the current African maps, yet they are currently ommitted. These islands are of great importance to international trade as they operate as refueling points for the international community.


The exact locations of these islands are:

Saint Helena: 15 57 S 5 42 W

Ascension Island: 7 57 S 14 22 W

Tristan da Cunha island group: 37 15 S 12 30 W


For: Taureolt, Djiboutian States, Straylight Run, Bokonon Islands, Upper Volta, African States, Ossman, Afrikaner Enclave, Utopia, United Faiths ( 10 )

Against: 0

Abstain: 0

General Assembly Resolution 43 (A): Danish Handover of Kaliningrad to Novaya Rossiya

Dated: 04 September 2006

Voting Period: Present date - 10 September 2006


This resolution calls for the recognition of the Danish handover of the province of Kaliningrad to its rightful brethren, the people of Novaya Rossiya.  The Danish government has reached a unanimous decision to handover this territory to a nation that has Slavic ties.  We find ourselves inadequate to govern such a territory as our cultural ties and reasoning for occupying this territory are no longer feasible.


For: Hey Dude, Afrikaaner Enclave, Great Mini Totts, The Anaweim, Suhloustan, Escasnia, Seljuqia (6)

Against: 0

Abstain: Shcherbatskaya (1)

General Assembly Resolution 44 (A): Order for Borisgrad to Release Documents detailing the Movements of the Borisgradi Military from March 2006 to August 2006

Proposed: The Belarus-Ukraine Industrium of Taureolt

Date: 21 July 2006

Voting Expires: 1 August 2006

Required to Pass: Majority of Nations in the AU



RECOGNIZING that the Realm of Borisgrad hath entered former Right Bank Ukraine's desolute and anarchic realm with intent to claim and conquer, with great mystery surrounding how they arrived in the first place;


ACKNOWLEDGING that Taureolt's Doctors Guild, Relief Army and Humanitarian Guilds had entered RBU legally by crossing the dissolving border with intent to treat the sick, educate the people, and restore infrastructure without the intent to expand the borders of Taureolt;


UNDERSTANDING that the Red Army of Borisgrad has come to near clashes with the Relief Army because they believe the Relief Army is there to conquer territory Borisgrad has no legal claim to;


ACKNOWLEDGING that Taureolt wishes to heal and educate the strife-stricken former Right Bank Ukranians so they may set up their own democratically elected and structured government, sovereign and free through humanitarian AU-sanctioned occupation;


The General Assembly of the African Union hereby resolves to:


1. Order the Red Army to cease all movements and to establish a legally binding ceasefire in RBU

2. Order Moscow/Moskva to release all papers detailing the movements of the Red Army into and out of RBU and the paths and means they have taken, from a window of March 1st, 2006 to August 1st, 2006

a) should Moscow refuse to release the papers within a window of 4 days after this resolution passes, the General Assembly of the African Union will declare RBU to be an AU Humanitarian Aid Territory, thus unclaimable by any nations whom submit any claim to it.

3. Supply medical and agricultural infrastructure in the city of Uzhhorod, the city worst hit by the former administration of RBU, alloting to no more than 1 million USD.


In Favor (6) : Taureolt, Bjarnesfjørden, Hey Dude, Escasnia, Einland, Upper Volta

Abstinence (1) : Afrikaaner Enclave

Against (0) :

General Assembly Resolution 045 (A): Incorporation of Central/South Asia as East Sub-Region
Proposed by Malawi, 12/12/06

AWARE of the growing ties between the governments of Africa and the states of the Central and South Asian regions;

COGNIZANT of the desire of these eastern states to become a part of the African region and participate in its institutions like the African Union;

RECOGNIZING the historic role that Malawi has taken under similar circumstances in the past, such as its proposed GA resolution on August 22, 2003 to incorporate Europe as a North Sub-Region, and the benefits that this has had on the international system;


1. That the unincorporated provinces that make up central Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Xinjiang, Tibet, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives join the family of African states as the “East Sub-Region” of the Africa Region.

2. That the sub-region currently identified as the “East Sub-Region” be renamed “Central Sub-Region.”

3. That the states of the new East Sub-Region be welcomed wholeheartedly into African institutions, receiving every benefit accorded an African state, including full participation in all organs of the African Union’s decision-making process.

4. That the African Union Security Council be expanded to include two new seats for the Eastern Sub-Region and all AU member states in the Eastern Sub-Region will be eligible for the post of AU Secretary General.

5. That the Africa Region will remain supportive of any sub-regional organizations that may emerge to meet the interests of the sub-region.

In Favor: Malawi, Akhtendum, Utopia, United Faiths, Hiiraan, Einland, Anaweim, Zulu Nation (8)
Against: 0
Abstain: 0

Voting ends on: December 24, 2006

General Assembly Resolution 046:  Fourteen Points for Self-Determination
Proposed May 18, 2007
By United Faiths

Recalling the remarks made by President Nairb Selarom on May 18, 2007 on the occasion of democratic reflection;

Aware of the challenges to freedom faced by the nations of Africa;

The General Assembly Decides to:

I. Open covenants of peace, openly arrived at, after which there shall be no private international understandings of any kind but diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the public view.

II. Absolute freedom of navigation upon the seas, outside territorial waters, alike in peace and in war, except as the seas may be closed in whole or in part by international action for the enforcement of international covenants.

III. The removal, so far as possible, of all economic barriers and the establishment of an equality of trade conditions among all the nations consenting to the peace and associating themselves for its maintenance.

IV. Adequate guarantees given and taken that national armaments will be reduced to the lowest point consistent with domestic safety.

V. A free, open-minded, and absolutely impartial adjustment of all colonial claims, based upon a strict observance of the principle that in determining all such questions of sovereignty the interests of the populations concerned must have equal weight with the equitable claims of the government whose title is to be determined.

VI. The evacuation of all occupied territorities by Anaweim and such a settlement of all questions affecting occupied lands as will secure the best and freest cooperation of the other nations of the world in obtaining for thier an unhampered and unembarrassed opportunity for the independent determination of their own political development and national policy and assure them of a sincere welcome into the society of free nations under institutions of their own choosing; and, more than a welcome, assistance also of every kind that they may need and may themselves desire. The treatment accorded these occupied lands by their sister nations in the months to come will be the acid test of the international community’s good will, comprehension of their needs, and of their intelligent and unselfish sympathy.  These occupied territories are:  Niger, Cameroon, Chad, Libya, and Tunisia.

VII. Ghana, the whole world will agree, must be evacuated by the colonial remnants of Straylight Run and restored, without any attempt to limit the sovereignty which she enjoys in common with all other free nations. No other single act will serve, as this will serve, to restore confidence among the nations in the laws which they have themselves set and determined for the government of their relations with one another. Without this healing act the whole structure and validity of international law is forever impaired.

VIII. All North African territory occupied by Anaweim and Mulgaria should be freed and the invaded portions restored, and the wrong done to Morocco and Algeria by Mulgaria, which has unsettled the peace of the world for nearly two years, should be righted, in order that peace may once more be made secure in the interest of all.

IX. A readjustment of the frontiers of Zububu should be effected along clearly recognizable lines of nationality so that Equatorial Guinea achieves its desired independence..

X. The peoples of Somalia, whose place among the nations we wish to see safeguarded and assured, should be accorded the freest opportunity of autonomous development from Hiiraan.

XI. The territories of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan should be evacuated; occupied territories restored; Xibeiguo accorded free and secure access to the sea; and the relations of these states to one another determined by friendly counsel along historically established lines of allegiance and nationality; and international guarantees of the political and economic independence and territorial integrity of the several states should be entered into.

XII. The province of Lesotho of the present state of KaNgwane should be assured a secure sovereignty, but the other nationalities which are now under KaNgwanese rule should be assured an undoubted security of life and an absolutely unmolested opportunity of an autonomous development, and the government of KaNgwane should combat piracy, particularly near the Cape of Good Hope, and permanently open its southern seas to the free passage of ships and commerce of all nations under international guarantees.

XIII. Independent United Arab Emirate and Qatari states should be erected which should include the territories inhabited by indisputably Emirati and Qatari populations, which should be assured a free and secure access to national resources, and whose political and economic independence and territorial integrity should be guaranteed by international covenant.

XIV. A general association of nations must be formed under specific covenants for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike.

Approve: United Faiths, Malawi, Upper Volta, Afrikaaner Enclave, Byzantium (5)
Reject: Xibeiguo, Anaweim, Wrexvia/Hey Dude, Danish Commonwealth, United Earth Union, KaNgwane, ZuluNation, Einland, Djiboutian States, Straylight Run, (10)
Abstain: (0)
Voting closes: June 1, 2007