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On February 14, 2005 the African Union officially fell into a deep financial crisis. As a result, the city of Bujumbura saw widespread looting and fires were set to public buildings. In the destabilization, the General Secretariat of the Organization was vandalized and many documents were burned. Some believe that these were done intentionally by agents of other states who sought to gain political advantage by erasing the institutional memory of resolutions issued against them.


Sadly, most of the resolutions from 2004 have been lost. AU investigators continue to search for these missing documents

GA Resolution 32: Principality of Wood Bay
Proposed by: Lord Heerst F. Aanglenmassig, MP, Parliamentary Envoy to the AU
30 April 2005

The Principality of Wood Bay, a nation that was once part of the African Union and a part of this great region, has now left. The Principality left a request to cede its nation to the Armed Republic of Southwest Afrika. As the Republic is an ally of Southwest Afrika, it has to highly request that we halt the expansion of this nation. It has already shown that it is growing increasingly in military strength, and frankly, it is scaring the Republic.

The Principality could be better suited as a province or dependent state of the Republic and would probably prosper better than it would under the Southwest Afrikan government.


Approved: Republic of New Southern Africa, Southern Rhodesia (2)
Abstained: (0)
Denied: Hein (1)

GA Resolution 31: Separation of African Powers
Proposed by: Chancellor Anna Eschenberg (Die Bundesrepublik Astoria)
April 27th, 2005

Since the inception of the Afrikan Union in 2003, the position of the AUSG and UN Ambassador came one in another. However, it has been clearly marked that this is clearly non-democratic, as nearly 25-50% of all members in the African Union are not part of the United Nations. This issue has arisen several times, however has never been a huge problem until now, as a huge lack of African participation in the United Nations is evident. With the African Union, the United Nations has become nearly defunct, as the African Union has taken over most of the United Nations tasks. As it representation in the United Nations is still needed, it is perfectly acceptable to have a UN Ambassador. However, this should not be directly tied to the position of AUSG, as many of us do not have the chance to vote. Thus this resolution has the specific goal of separating the positions so that all of Africa may vote for their AUSG and those involved with the United Nations may selected their ambassador separately.

Thus taking from the old GA16, Written by the former Bubonic Plague, the responsibilities will be divided like so.

1. The positions of delegate and secretary general shall be separate posts, but a nation may occupy both.
2. The UN Delegate shall be chosen by the endorsements of UN members.
3. The AU secretary general shall be elected on a tri-monthly basis by a majority vote of the AU member sates.
4. The duties and powers of the UN delegate shall be restricted to voting on UN resolutions, approving UN resolutions, representing Africa’s interests at the UN and bringing to the attention of African states those UN resolutions that impact on the continent.
5. The duties of the Secretary General of the AU shall be as defined by the AU Charter.

As the passage of this resolution would be after the "elections" currently set by the African Union, the Election for AUSG would be redone.


Approve: Astoria, Israel-Palestine, Hein, Djiboutian States, New Southern Africa, Hiiraan, Zulu Nation, Southern Rodiesia, Green Free State, Sovetsky Soyuz, United Faiths, Kambali (12)
Reject: Tchad (1)
Deadline for voting: May 11th, 2005


GA Resolution 33: Land Distribution Scheme

Proposed by: Tchad

May 5, 2005


 REAFFIRMING the authority of the African Union as the only International Body that holds sole mandate over the administration of nations lacking any central authority;

ACKNOWLEDGING that the African community continues to grow and provisions must be made for the accomodation of new nations

EMPHASIZING the need for countries holding mandate over other lands to expressely indicate that these lands will be granted right to self-autnomy if these lands so wish in a general referendum;

CALLING on all member states to reject Imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism and oppression of all kinds and to allow for the self-determination of societies, communities or peoples with a shared identity;

DECLARING that the African Union holds the authority to allocate territories to new nations and holds mandate over governless nations unless these are specifically put under the mandate of a member state.

This Resolution requests:
- an AU commission that will oversee the administration of governless lands
- that adequate protection and assistance be granted to new nations

IN Favor
AGAINST: Astoria, Kambali, South Africa

GA Resolution 34: Process to Elect an AU Secretary General

Proposed by: Hon. Nairb Selarom, President, United Faiths

May 15, 2005


CONSIDERING the need to establish a stable mechanism for electing an AU Secretary General;


COGNIZANT that separate elections are currently underway to elect an AU Secretary General;


AWARE that confusion and uncertainty can result from having the election of the Security Council and Secretary General at the same time, with states uncertain which race to run for; 


The African Union General Assembly Resolves:


1. To select future African Union Secretary Generals, beginning next election cycle, from among the newly elected Security Council members, negating any need to hold special elections for the post.


2. That the Secretary General will be chosen by order of precedence after all votes have been cast. (Order of precedence was used in the last 3 elections and will be explained subsequently in another post on this thread).


3. That the vacant slot from the Secretary General's sub-region will be filled by the state finishing second, and that second slot will be filled by the state finishing third in that sub-region.


4. That this process will be more democratic because the most popularly elected member of Africa will become Secretary General.


Voting Open: May 15, 2005

Voting Closes: May 30, 2005

In Favor: United Faiths, Malawi, ZuluNation (3)

Opposed: Hiiran, Astoria, Rhodesia, South Africa, City State, Djiboutian States (6)


GA Resolution 035: Recognition of African Francophone Union

Proposed by: Hon. Habiba Usman, Chairperson, Francophone Union (Tchad)

[i]H.E. Habiba Usman, Chairperson for the African Francophone Union[/i]

May 31, 2005


The Francophone union was set up by the Wickedville administration, as a cultural, social and economic council under which French speaking African nations would be able to gather in a forum where cultural ideas, identities, festivals and other happenings could take place; as an economic assistance body that would provide economic assistance to developing nations; a social union that will coordinate various aspects of the community such as education, human resources and the environment.

The primary focus is on socio-political development while keeping intact the common cultural identity.

Ministers from various french speaking nations gathered at a summit in Dakar, Senegal to discuss the future of the union and decided under the Dakar protocol that the Francophone union would be best it if worked within the AU framework and thus acquire recognition as a regional union.


This Resolution recommends as follows:

1. The recognition of the African Francophone union as a Full Regional Body similar to other Regional Bodies.

2. That the African Francophone union be Granted Observer Status at AU meetings

3. that member states be granted foreign assistance if requested through the Francophone Union.


In favor: Tchad (1)

Opposed: Rhodesia, Hiiran, Djiboutian States, Akhtendum, Al-Sahara, Anea, Bunderpublik Alange (7)

GA Resolution 036: Official Flag of the African Union

Proposed by: United Faiths

Date: December 5, 2005

Voting expires: December 19, 2005

Required to pass: Simple majority of voting states



RECOGNIZING the importance of an organization's flag as the banner for its principles and activities;


REMEMBERING the historic tradition that the current AU flag represented in the organization's past;





1. The below-depicted design as the organization's official flag.








In favor: United Faiths, Akhtendum, Afrikaaner Enclave, Upper Volta, Hiiraan, Rhodesia, Cramzpatio, La Jose, Malawi, Lisboa Extremadura (10)

Against: (3) Mulgaria, Straylight Run, Utopia

Abstentions: Israel-Palestine (1)

Voting ends: Dec. 19, 2005

GA Resolution 037: Administering Ungoverned Lands

Proposed by: The Federation of Djiboutian States

Date: December 5, 2005

Voting expires: December 19, 2005

Required to pass: Simple majority of voting states


RECOGNIZING that areas that are not under the guidance of a recognized government cannot, with any semblance of ease, form a coherent government through the work of the individuals of the state without aid


UNDERSTANDING that it is the unalienable right of all individuals in Africa, be they governed or otherwise, to live without anarchy or fear thereof


KNOWING that the nations of Africa have the ability to guide these lawless states to function and that the nations of Africa have the means to do so


The General Assembly of the African Union and her member states do hereby adopt the following:


1. That any lands not administered by a government recognized by the African Union, or having at least declared the establishment of such a form of rule in such lawless lands, shall be placed under the administration of the Africa Union through the means of a Security Council Resolution.


2. These lands shall be administered in an effort to create an independent government through the aid of the African Union, any Sub-Regional Organization, or member states, whichever the Security Council and Secretary General see fit.


3. The Secretary General could respectfully decline assistance of any state if he/she feels that their participation could complicate the activities of the Mission.


3. Lands may not "traded" by individual states without a review by the African Union to ensure that proper governance shall be upheld.


4. Nations that enter land for peacekeeping purposes are automatically banned from ever claiming territory in that land, at risk of expulsion from the AU and military force intervention to evacuate their forces.


5. To finance peacekeeping missions, a Voluntary Fund will be created in the AU to exclusively meet the needs of Security Council-approved Trusteeship territories.


In Favor: Djiboutian States, United Faiths, Malawi, Narsus, Akhtendum, Upper Volta, Hiiraan, The Azaziel, Hiiraan, Lisboa Extremadura, Afrikaaner Enclave, Straylight Run, Isreal-Palestine, Phazania (15)


Against: Mulgaria, Cramzpatio, Iraq Republic (3)


Voting Period Ends: December 19, 2005

GA Resolution 038: 2006-2007 Budget of the African Union

Proposed by: United Faiths

Date: April 11, 2006

Voting expires: April 25, 2006

Required to pass: Simple majority of voting states


NOTING Part I. Article II. Section 5. of the OAS Charter stating that "Member States will contribute annual dues to the Organization based on a quota system proportional to GDP,"


COGNIZANT of the growing demands of the organization, particularly in areas of peacekeeping,


RECOGNIZING that the mandates of the African Union in Africa exceed those of the United Nations in global affairs,


The General Assembly Resolves,


1. To set the 2006 assessment for all African Union member states at 10% of national Gross Domestic Product to meet its needs. 


In favor: United Faiths (1)


Against: Azaziel, Djiboutian States, Taureolt, Anaweim, USBS, Hey Dude, Upper Volta, Afrikaaner Enclave, New Kharak, Cramzpatio, African States, Akhtendum, Malawi (13)


Voting expires: April 25, 2006