African Union Headquarters                                 Bujumbura, Burundi

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Resolutions of the

African Union General Assembly

Resolution 001: Der Bataven’s Genocide of Religious Minorities

Resolution 002: Concerns Over Uranium Mining and the Propagation of WMD

Resolution 003: The Need to Alleviate Foreign Debt of African Countries

Resolution 004: Strategic Vision of the African Union and Budgetary Allocation

Resolution 005: Creation of a Commission to Monitor Suspected Cases of Religious Persecution and                               other Human Rights Abuses in Der Bataven

Resolution 006: Removal of Louldamin from the Security Council

Resolution 007: Allowing Gabon to Reclaim their Territory

Resolution 008: Reformation of the Security Council

Resolution 009: Extension of Voting Period

Resolution 010: Creation of a Common Currency

Resolution 011: Term Limits on UN Delegates

Resolution 012: Power-Sharing Between UN Delegate and Founder

Resolution 013: Expulsion of governments from Africa

Resolution 014: Requirement for New Major States to Sign Up for the Bulletin Board

Resolution 015: Incorporation of Europe as North Sub-Region

Resolution 016: The Responsibilities and Elections of UN Delegate and AU Secretary General

Resolution 017: Creation of the AU Division of Transportation and Commerce

Resolution 018: New States Restricted to One Homeland on the Map

Resolution 019: Anti-Terrorism Action Committee

Resolution 020: Creation of an African currency trading system

Resolution 021: Emergency Response Action Committee

Resolution 022: Proposal for creation of the economic Councilor

Resolution 023: Proposal for the Establishment of an AU Prison

Resolution 024: Election scheduling for the streamlined running of the African Union

Resolution 025: Improved Census-Taking Measures

Resolution 026: Re-Commission of the African Foreign Intelligence

Resolution 027 to Resolution 031

Resolution 031: Separation of African Powers

Resolution 032: Principality of Wood Bay

Resolution 033: Land Distribution Scheme

Resolution 034: Process to Elect an AU Secretary General

Resolution 035: Recognition of African Francophone Union

Resolution 036: Official Flag of the African Union

Resolution 037: Administering Ungoverned Lands

Resolution 038: 2006-2007 Budget of the African Union

Resolution 039: Revised 2006-2007 Budget of the African Union

Resolution 040: African Union Human Rights Commission

Resolution 041: Africa Ceases Participation in the United Nations

Resolution 042: Creating Southern Sub-Region Province 54

                           (Ascension, St. Helena, Tristan De Cuhna)

Resolution 043: Danish Handover of Kaliningrad to Novaya Rossiya

Resolution 044: Order for Borisgrad to Release Documents detailing the Movements of the Borisgrad  

                           Military from March 2006 to August 2006

Resolution 045: Incorporation of Central/South Asia as East Sub-Region

Resolution 046: Fourteen Points for Self-Determination6

Resolution 047: Annual Luunia Peace Prize

Resolution 048: Anti-Black Market Charter

Resolution 049: Resolution Against Doping for Sport

Resolution 050: Amendment of Term Length for AU Secretary General

Resolution 051: One Delegate Per Sub Region in the AU Security Council

Resolution 052: Establishing Governance for Lawless Peoples

Resolution 053:  Streamlined Voting Powers for Secretary General

Resolution 054: Sharing of International Lake Resources

Resolution 055: Expedited AU Application Process

Resolution 056: African Union AIDS Fund for Impoverished Orphans